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Pressure Washer Parts and Equipment in Lloydminster

Relay Distributings Team of Service Personnel have over 50 years of combined experience in the pressure wash industry. Not only do we custom design the highest quality equipment around, we also provide service and maintenance and stock a complete selection of parts and accesories for all the top brands of pressure washer equipment. Give us a call or visit out store in Lloydminster to see how we can look after all your industrial cleaning needs.


Custom High-Pressure Wash Systems

Our wash packages are designed with only the top quality components. The true nature of the design is to exhibit the best possible value for your dollar. Terms such as: weatherproof, stainless steel, aluminum, custom-built, and installation-included are rarely even mentioned by our competitors. We strive for long-term relationships; and by providing long lasting, high performance equipment and unmatched service, we hope to ensure just that.

Features of our wash systems:


 Frame assembly

  • Custom-built heavy gauge aluminum stands.
  • No paint that will peel and no steel that will rust.

 Stainless steel tank assembly

  • Stainless steel suction screens and water shut off valves.
  • Hydrominder proportioners for fail-safe diluting of products.
  • Equipped with a top-notch float valve.

 Triplex plunger pump

  • Industry leading brands from all over the world, like the Italian General Pumps, or the Japanese Cat Pumps, we custom build with only the best.
  • Our custom “quick oil change” assembly enables our customers to perform their own maintenance, in a quick and clean manner .
  • A high-temperature relief valve to limit damage due to overheating.

 Weather proof control panel

  • Low-voltage transformer, disconnect switch and indicator light.
  • Constructed of fibreglass.
  • An hour meter to monitor pump run time for easy scheduling of maintenance.

 Coil-type water heater

  • Electronic pilot ignition and safety controls.
  • Stainless steel outer jacket.
  • Draft diverter.

 Weatherproof remote control station

  • 24-volt safe control of soap, rinse and heat.
  • Includes cable and terminations.

 Electronic spark ignition

  • Guarantees proper lighting of the heater burner assembly.
  • Ensures that no pilot outage nuisances can occur.

 Time delay shutdown

  • The system will shut down automatically after a pre-set time, when not being used.

 Chimney dampener

  • Automatically closes after the wash system is shut down.
  • Reduces the risk of freezing the heater coil and eliminates potential downdrafts.

 High-pressure soap, foam and wax:

  • It consists of hydro minder chemical proportioner and stainless steel blending tank for fail-safe diluting of wax or soap.
  • Foam systems with or without the use of compressed air. The best quality manufacturers available. 

 Mechanical twist timers:

  • Ensure that the wash system shuts down after 30-60 minutes use.
  • Also enables bypassing the coin boxes in a commercial wash.

 Pulsation dampener:

  • It helps in reducing operator fatigue.
  • Reduces noise level and wear and tear by reducing vibration.

 Venting power assist:

  • This unit runs automatically when the heater is in use to “power” vent the burner.
  • It is used when venting through the wall is preferred rather than through the ceiling.

 Preventative maintenance:

  • Scheduled to cater to your needs and minimize costly downtime.

 Hose Festooning:

  • This unique suspension system is used to keep your hose off the floor where most wear and damage occurs.

 Overhead 360-degree boom

  • Keeps hoses off the floor

 Stainless steel high-pressure hose reel

  • Canadian Made! 
  • Fully serviceable.

Mobile Wash Equipment

Kodiak and Dynablast are some of the highest quality portable pressure washers available. Assembled in Canada with only the best

possible components. The machines are built to last, and our service department has all the most common wear and tear parts.


We have equipment, accesories, and products for every type of pressure wash owner. Whether you use it a couple times a year, or everyday. From Oilfield and Agriculture to the casual residential washer, we have something for everyone.


Stop in at our location in Lloydminster to meet the friendly and knowledgable staff of Relay Distributing, to see which pressure washer meets your needs. Or come in with your ideas and let us help you build a custom unit to suit your needs.

Dynablast H4035DGF Hot Water Pressure Washer

  • 3500 psi, 3.8 gpm
  • Downstream adjustable chemical injector: For low-pressure soap and chemical injection.
  • Quick connect hose connectors: For easy on/off connections and tangle free hoses.
  • Stainless steel coil skin: It is a durable rust resistant skin. Schedule 80 heating coil and 300,000 BTU burner.
  • Four quick connect nozzles: Colour-coded nozzles included are 0°, 15°, 25°, and Soap.
  • High quality Italian easy pull gun and 48" lance 
  • 50′ high-pressure hose: Durable non-marking steel braided hose.
  • Separate unloader with easy start valve: Easily adjustable pressure control knob.
  • Heavy-duty steel frame with protective roll cage and a powder coated finish.
  • Large thermostat dial to adjust water temperature with ease.
  • Replaceable fuse for electronic overload protection.
  • High-quality triplex pump: All Dynablast pressure washers use GP/Interpump pumps with  5-year warranty.
  • Easy access control panel, makes servicing your machine fast and easy.
  • 13″ solid tires, no more flat tires. 
  • Large fuel oil tank, holds 4.4 gallons of No.1 or 2 Fuel Oil. Also includes a fuel indicator gauge.

 Kodiak 2100 EPC

  • 1000 psi, 2.1 gpm
  • Steel frame and rugged powder-coated
  • 115V Baldor electric motor
  • General pump/interpump triplex with ceramic plungers
  • Adjustable pressure regulator
  • High pressure hose 30’
  • 36” Wand
  •  Adjustable detergent injection
  • Four nozzles (0⁰, 15⁰,  25⁰, and soap)

 Kodiak 3200 EPC

  • 2000 psi, 3 gpm
  • Steel frame and rugged powder-coated
  • 220V Baldor electric motor
  • General pump/Interpump triplex 
  • Adjustable pressure regulator
  • 30’ High pressure hose 
  • 36” Wand
  • Adjustable detergent injection 
  • Four nozzles (0⁰, 15⁰, 25⁰, and soap)


 Kodiak KC3250GPC

  • 2500 psi, 3 gpm
  • Steel frame and rugged powder-coated
  • 6.5hp Honda GX engine with oil alert
  • General pump/Interpump triplex 
  • Adjustable pressure regulator
  • 30’ High pressure hose 
  • 36” Wand
  • Adjustable detergent injection 
  • Four nozzles (0⁰, 15⁰, 25⁰, and soap)

 Kodiak KC4350GPC

  • 3500 psi, 4 gpm
  • 13hp Honda GX engine with oil alert
  • General pump/Interpump triplex 
  • Adjustable pressure regulator
  • 50’ High pressure hose 
  • 36” Wand
  • Adjustable detergent injection 
  • Four nozzles (0⁰, 15⁰, 25⁰, and soap)

Wash Bay Products

We provide top-notch accessories and chemical products to get back that sparkle and shine. We stock a complete

selection of productsfor all your washbay needs. Not only do we offer the highest quality product, but we are also

proud to say that the vast majority of them are Made in Canada! 


Take a look below at some of our most popular stock items. Dont hesitate to call us, we have countless other products,

and custom chemical blending available. 


A concentrated liquid pressure wash soap for use with hot or cold water. It is very high foaming and has a light rose scent. It contains solvents, emulsifiers and detergents for degreasing and loosening heavy soil deposits. Safe to use on all painted surfaces, metal, plastic, concrete and wood. Safe to use around vegetation. Won't harm anything when used as directed. Very common in wash bays, on the farm, and right at home.

4L | Inventory number: CWPGTF4X4

20L | Inventory number: CWPGTF20

205L | Inventory number: CWPGTF205


Dilutes from 40:1 down to 80:1  





One of our most popular and wide spread products. Breakaway is a super concentrated, industrial strength cleaner and degreaser. It will melt away all sorts of grease. It can dissolve heavy soot deposits and it makes old baked on bug gut stains disappear. At lower dilutions it can be used for much lighter tasks as well. Breakaway is a custom designed product exclusive to Relay Distributing in Lloydminster. Stop in and pickup a jug to try it for yourself. You'll love this all around amazing product.


4L | Inventory number: DEPGB4

20L | Inventory number: DEPGB20

205L | Inventory number: DEPGB205 

 Bug Remover Concentrate

An concentrated liquid cleaner. When diluted makes a very effective cleaner for removing oil residue, dirt, and bugs. Used in windshield washer reservoirs, and at gas station window cleaning stations. 

4L | Inventory number: CWRJBR4

20L | Inventory number: CWRJBR20


Diluted to 50:1 (one jug can make you a barrel!)


bug remover concentrate

Bug Remover Concentrate

 Diamond Shine Spray Wax

A highly concentrated polish and surface protection compound with the added benefit of carnauba wax for enhanced shine, rust inhibition and water repellency.

4 L | Inventory number: CWPGAUS4

20 L | Inventory number: CWPGAUS20


Diluted to 350:1


diamond shine spray wax

Diamond Shine Spray Wax

Hurricane Truck Wash Powder

This wash product has been recently improved to hold its spot at the head of the pack. With our testing and product comparisons, we are sure that Hurricane will give you the results that you are looking for every time.


This wash powder is a highly concentrated, powdered vehicle wash that is effective at removing baked on road scum, and is also safe for all painted and unpainted surfaces. It performs well in hard water conditions, while it can also be used in both cold and hot water applications. A very high foamer for guaranteed customer satisfaction and does not leave behind costly build up in pumps or heater coils.


Free on loan mixing barrels will be provided by us for use of this product at your location.


20kg | Inventory number: CWMUF01797

50kg | Inventory number: CWMUF01798

181kg | Inventory number: CWMUF01799


Give your vehicles a new look with our car/truck wash products and equipment in Lloydminster. With over 30 years of experience, we aim at providing innovative, customer-driven solutions. We work closely with our suppliers and manufacturers to constantly improve and stay on top of the ever changing industry. Our high quality products and equipment keep your vehicles looking their best.

Foamer Systems

At Relay Distributing in Lloydminster, Foam is always a topic of conversation. We know that foaming our soap provides the best results in the fastest time frame, while minimizing waste. As our mission statement says, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible value for their dollar. We stock the most common types of foamers, but what we sell is only the highest quality options on the market. Our custom systems take your wash to the next level of performance and efficiency!


(More info and pictures to come!) 


Bottle Style Foamer


Double Barrel Foamer


High Pressure Foam


High Pressure Soap 

Chemical Dispensing Systems

We custom design and stock various types of systems for all sorts of products and different applications. From acids and heavy crude degreasers, to janitorial products, we have designed systems to provide solutions for all chemicals requirements. 



Pressurized Chemical Sprayer 

This custom-built chemical sprayer has all the good stuff, including forged brass fittings, Viton seals, a pressure relief valve rated for 115 psi and an industrial wand/hose. Fill, pressurize with your compressor and spray. Easy!




This is just a preview/summary of some of the things we deal with everyday. Give us a call about anything pressure wash/steamer related.

The Choice for Dedication and Professionalism

We take pride in meeting our customer’s needs and stay focused on caring for our customers with our personal service and availability.

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