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From the Oilfield to the Service Industry

From large scale industrial applications to residential upkeep, we have concentrated cleaners to save you time and money. Why buy pre-diluted products and pay for large brand names when you can buy concentrated Canadian made formulas and add the water yourself. We supply more than just heavy-duty products for the oilfield. We stock all the chemicals required in the service industry, from hotels to restaurants. Don’t hesitate to stock our line of products in your home as well. With our high-quality spray bottles, diluting concentrate is; easy using the dilution markings. Get in touch with us to find the best option for your application.

Locally Manufactured Products

All of our Relay Distributing branded chemical cleaning products are produced by Canadian Manufacturers. We work closesly with our vendors to develop new products and adjust old formulas to ensure that our products are meeting or exceeding our customers needs.




Aluminum Brightener A-50

A concentrated and exceptionally effective liquid acid blend used for brightening of aluminum trailer surfaces.

20 L | Inventory number: ICPGEB20







Easy Clean Parts Washer Detergent

An alkaline non-foaming cleaner and degreaser ideally suited for use in recirculating washers, high pressure cabinet washers and hot tanks. This is a non-caustic and environmentally friendly prodcut.

20 Kg | Inventory number: ICPGEC20  





Industrial Cleaners

We have a complete selection of high-quality products that have been specifically formulated, and extensively tested to provide the highest possible value for your dollar. Many of our products are yet to be uploaded, but please give us a call to discuss your needs, and see what we have in store for you!



Methyl Hydrate

Methyl Hydrate is a liquid organic reagent used for thinning shellac. It removes dust from wood before staining or shellacking. It is ideal for gas line and windshield anti-freeze.

4 L | Inventory number: SPWE022-1230





Murhib Acid

Pure hydrochloric acid, used for the acidizing of petroleum wells, boiler scale removal, pickling & metal cleaning, chemical intermediate, ore reduction and pH control.


  20 L | Inventory number: ICPGHA20

205 L | Inventory number: ICPGHA205




Muriatic Acid

This 34% hydrochloric acid solution can be used to adjust the pH in swimming pools; etch or clean concrete, stone, and masonry; or remove rust from steel and wall tile.


  4 L | Inventory number: ICWE022-0150






Super Grill (Oven and Grill Cleaner)

A highly alkaline degreaser for grills, canopies, deep fryers, and ovens.

4 L | Inventory number: KCLE90005








Super Scale (Descaler)

A blended acid descaler for effective use on dishwash machines, glass washers, coffee machines and others.

4 L | Inventory number: KCLE90006







TLC Dishwashing Liquid

An exceptional liquid dishwash detergent designed for use in commercial operations.

4 L - 20 L | Inventory number: DWPGTL20







Lemon Luster Dish Detergent

A high-sudsing thick lemon scented liquid detergent, for manual cleaning of dishes, pots, and pans. Can be used in dispensers.

  1 L | Inventory number: DWPGLD1L
  4 L | Inventory number: DWPGLD4X4L
20 L | Inventory number: DWPGLD20



Dishwasher Powder Plus

An extra heavy duty, granular, chlorinated product for tough or commercial dishwashing operations of high volume.
10kg Pail | Inventory number: DWOCJ410-C229




Industrial Degreasers for Crude Oil Removal

Our range of industrial degreasers is designed for rapid oil, grease and emulsion removal from industrial equipment and components. The list of industrial degreasers that we offer is given below.


AquaSolve (4 L, 20 L, 205 L, 1025 L)

AquaSolve is the next generation organic, bio-degradable, high-powered crude oil remover.

This environment friendly product dilutes in water to create the ultimate solvent without the hazardous fumes.

It is sold in the concentrated form. The dilution ratio is 1 part product to 2 parts water. When diluted in water, it creates foam that clings to vertical surfaces.

Users experience at least 50% of the product running off during the application of liquid degreasers.

With AquaSolve, one barrel will last as long as up to six barrels of your typical liquid degreaser.


       4 L | Inventory number: P4
     20 L | Inventory number: DEPGPR020
  205 L | Inventory number: DEPGPR0205
1025 L | Inventory number: DEPGPR1025

Breakaway (4 L, 20 L, 205 L, 1000 L)

An unbeatable product for removal of dirt, engine oil, grime, diesel soot and oilfield stains.

This can also be used as a powerful pre-soak degreaser or a general purpose cleaner.

Nothing beats this product for its diversity and fresh clean scent.


  • Use undiluted or dilute up to 100:1 with water

  • Compatible with all wand wash and engine degreaser systems

  • Can be applied with a chemical sprayer or pressure system


       4 L | Inventory number: DEPGBA4
     20 L | Inventory number: DEPGBA20
   205 L | Inventory number: DEPGBA205
 1000 L | Inventory number: DEPGBA1000

Citrasolve (4 L, 20 L, 205 L, 1025 L)

Citrasolve is a bio-degradable, organic cleaner and degreaser when used undiluted.

It provides high strength cleaning power while eliminating the toxicity and strong odors associated with petroleum based solvents.


  • Use undiluted or dilute up to 5:1 with diesel or varsol

  • Versatile – useful in removing oil, grease, tar, asphalt and crude

  • Should be applied using a chemical sprayer


       4 L | Inventory number: DEPGCC4
     20 L | Inventory number: DEPGCC20
   205 L | Inventory number: DEPGCC205
 1025 L | Inventory number: DECITRA1025


Econosolve LO (4 L, 20 L, 205 L, 1025 L)

This is a petroleum solvent, cleaner and degreaser.

It provides high strength cleaning power without the harsh fumes of most products in its class.

It is our most economical crude oil remover.


  • Use undiluted or dilute up to 5:1 with diesel or varsol

  • Versatile – useful in removing oil, grease, tar, asphalt

  • Should be applied using a chemical sprayer


       4 L | Inventory number: DEPGE4
     20 L | Inventory number: DEPGR020
   205 L | Inventory number: DEPGR0205
 1025 L | Inventory number: DEPGR1025

Marango (4 L, 20 L, 205 L, 1000 L)

Marango is a mixture of petroleum solvent and natural solvent.

It provides high strength cleaning power with a subtle orange aroma.


  • Use undiluted or dilute up to 5:1 with diesel or varsol

  • Effective in removing heavy oil build-ups, grease, tar, and asphalt

  • Should be applied using a chemical sprayer


       4 L | Inventory number: DEPGM4*4
     20 L | Inventory number: DEPGM20
   205 L | Inventory number: DEPGM205
 1025 L | Inventory number: DEPGM1000


Resolve (20 L, 205 L, 1000 L)

Resolve is a very low odour solvent degreaser. 

It combines the solvency of odourless paraffin oils with the pleasant scent and solvency of citrust terpines. 

User friendly and highly effective.


  • Use at full strength

  • Effective in removing oil, grease, tar and bitumen.

  • Allow as much contact time as possible without product drying. 


     20 L | Inventory number: DERESOLVE20
   205 L | Inventory number: DERESOLVE205
 1025 L | Inventory number: DERESOLVE1000


Supreme (4 L, 20 L, 205 L)

This is a premium liquid safety degreaser. It can be used in pressure washers or pump up sprayers.

Effective in removing heavy road grime, carbon deposits and dissolving bugs when properly diluted.

Can be used safely on both painted and unpainted surfaces.

Also functions as a tire and engine cleaner and presoak.


     4 L | Inventory number: DEPGSK4*4
   20 L | Inventory number: DEPGSK20
 205 L | Inventory number: DEPGSK205




Custom Designed Chemical Sprayers and Foamers

We stock a variety of ready to use sprayers, from large scale operations, to small jobs at home. We also custom build systems that can be as automated as you like, using compressed air or pumps of any voltage. We stock all the parts necessary to custom build the perfect chemical system for almost any application.

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