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Coffee Room Supplies in Lloydminster

A great drink to boost your spirit during a tiring day is a refreshing cup of joe.

To source a great range of coffee flavours and its paraphernalia, make Relay Distributing in Lloydminster your choice for coffee supplies. Our office coffee service for businesses also includes installation and maintenance of coffee equipment.

We provide coffee equipment free on loan with the exclusive usage of our products.


For more information on our “free on loan” program contact one of our product consultants. We offer single-serving brewers, vending and bulk brewing.


The original single-serve brewer and coffee-pod manufacturing company. Founded in in 1992. It launched its first brewers and K-Cup pods in 1998, targeting the office market. As the single-cup brewing system gained popularity, brewers for home use were added in 2004. 


Relay Distributing in Lloydminster stocks a complete selection of machines. From compact brewers at home, to industrial sized machines, we have something in stock for all applications. Our huge variety ensures that everyone can have a hot beverage of their preference. 

Keurig K2500

Perfect for workplaces and offices. Built for the speed and durability required in high-traffic situations

  • 5 cup sizes (4, 6, 8, 10, 12oz)

  • "Strong Brew" Option for Bold brewing on demand

  • Quite Brew Technology® to minimize noise. Perfect for kitchens, conference rooms, or small coffee station spaces

  • Can plumb for continuous brewing, or used with a 110oz reservoir, the largest Keurig® reservoir (sold separately)

  • Designed for easy cleaning with wipeable non-porous surfaces

  • Six serviceable modules extend brewer life and provide great service flexibility


Inventory number: EQKGB2500

Keurig Brewer B3000

Keurig VKI Excellenza Touch

Innovative design driven by simplicity and excellence: The next generation in single cup brewing systems.



The Eccellenza Touch™ offers users the ability to brew various cup sizes of today's most popular hot beverages.

User-friendly interactive touchscreen designed with the latest market standards and trends.


High-quality images to easily identify the beverage and enhance customer experience.


Low maintenance requirements.

Keurig B3000 Coin Mechanism

Keurig K 1500 

Perfect for small offices and conference rooms, this brewing system will be a big hit with employees and guests. 

  • 4 cup sizes (6, 8, 10, and 12 oz.), and a STRONG button

  • Quiet Brew Technology that minimizes noise while in use, and an extra large 96 oz. water reservoir

  • Programmable Auto Off feature saves energy when not in use


Inventory number: EQKB1500

Keurig Brewer Office Pro

Keurig K-Slim

At just 5” wide, the K-Slim® brewer fits neatly on your countertop, making it the perfect choice for when space-saving and simplicity are important. With the capacity to brew up to 4 cups before refilling the 46oz. removable reservoir, your delicious morning cup or midday pick-me-up is always ready in minutes.


Inventory number: EQKBS

Keurig K-Slim

Keurig K-Compact 

At just over 8” wide, it delivers the taste and convenience you expect from a Keurig® coffee maker without taking up too much space on your countertop. The 36 oz. water reservoir allows you to brew multiple cups before refilling. And with Smart Start, the Keurig® K-Compact® coffee maker heats and then brews in one simple process, delivering even more delicious convenience.


Inventory number: EQKC

Keurig K-Compact

K-Cup Rotating Display Carousel

Display up to 30 assorted K-Cup® coffees, teas, hot cocoas and iced beverages with the K-Cup™ Carousel Tower.

In black or in chrome, this counter piece features a lazy-susan base for simple rotation and suits most kitchen styles. (K-Cup® portion packs are not included.)

Dimensions: 13.0″H x 7.0″D.


Inventory number: KCC30

Keurig K-Compact

Coffee Room Extras

We stock a variety of other essentials for the lunch room. Of course we have all the most popular options for sweeteners and whiteners. Sugar and sugar replacements, liquid and powder whiteners too. We also have a variety of sizes and types of soups and noodles for a quick hot snack.

Cups, Cutlery, Plates and More

A complete selection of coffee room supplies, from napkins to bowls and everything in between. Styrofoam, paper, and green material as well. Everything you need to make the cleanup quick and easy at a big function, and make your coffee/lunch room a go-to place for employees/customers.

cups, cutlery, and plates
Coffee room extras

Cutlery 100 Pack Bags

Heavy Weight

Soup Spoons | Inventory number: MIUS122821

Tea Spoons | Inventory number: MIUS122823

Forks | Inventory number: MIUS122820

Knives | Inventory number: MIUS122820

Cutlery 1000 Pack Cases

Medium Weight

Soup Spoons | Inventory number: PCSS

Tea Spoons | Inventory number: PCTS

Forks | Inventory number: PCF

Knives | Inventory number: PCK

Foam Plates

1000 per case

6″ | Inventory number: MIUS066057

500 per case

9″ | Inventory number: MIUS066067

Paper Plates

1000 per case

6″ | Inventory number: MIUS066057

500 per case

9″ | Inventory number: MIUS066067

Styrofoam Bowls and Lids

500 per case

10 oz. | Inventory number: MIUS064196

16 oz. | Inventory number: MIUS064204


10 oz. Lids | Inventory number: MIUS064225

16 oz. Lids | Inventory number: MIUS064205

Pacifik Water Cooler

  • A modern and unique-look water cooler, made in Canada.

  • High quality, servicable by Relay.

  • For use with bottles, or directly plumbed into your water line.

  • Different colors.

  • Hot and cold, or room temp and cold.


Inventory number: EQDMQCB

Hot Beverages

We stock the most popular options for non coffee beverages. Apple Cider, Hot Chocolate, and a huge selection of Teas. If we dont have it, we can get it! 

Lynch Hot Apple Cider 

50 x 23g packets | Inventory number: CFNE608070

Carnation Hot Chocolate 

50 x 13g packets

Lite | Inventory number: CFNE3687450
Rich | Inventory number: CFNE366120

Victorian Inn Cappucino

2lb bags

French Vanilla | Inventory number: CFNEFV62

Original | Inventory number: CFNEOC62

Gingerbread | Inventory number: CFNEGB62

EnglishToffee | Inventory number: CFNEET62

White Chocolate | Inventory number: CFNE13MI111

Cold Beverages

All the lunchroom favorites in stock. Iced tea, Lemonade, Sqwincher Electrolyte replacement. Countless options available to us to add to our stock orders. 

Drink Mix Pouches

True Lemon- Lemonade Packets 30/bx | Inventory number: CFNE151550

Goodhost- Iced Tea 100/bx | Inventory number: CFNE151300

Sqwincher Electrolyte Replacement

Qwik Stik- 50 packets per box

Each packet makes 20 ounces, or 591 mls 

Orange | Inventory number: CFNE151600

Fruit Punch | Inventory number: CFNE151601

Berry Mix | Inventory number: CFNE151602

Liquid Concentrate

64oz. Concentrate Makes 5 gallons

Grape | Inventory number: CFNE151604

Berry Mix | Inventory number: CFNE151605

Lemonade | Inventory number: CFNE151606

Orange | Inventory number: CFNE151607

Fruit Punch | Inventory number: CFNE151608

Lemon Lime | Inventory number: CFNE151609

Tropical | Inventory number: CFNE151610

Goodhost Iced Tea

100x15gm Packets | Inventory number: CFNE151300

Tin Can 2.35kg  | Inventory number: CFNE151340

Bulk Bag 11.3kg | Inventory number: CFNE151400

Soup and Noodles

Lipton Cup a Soup

Chicken Noodle 4bx/cs-22pkgs/box-16gm/pkg | Inventory number: CNCS4

Spring Veg. 24bx/cs-4pkg/bx-16g/pkg | Inventory number: SVCAS4

Mr. Noodle In A Cup

64 grams per cup, 12 cups per box

Beef | Inventory number: CFVPMN100-BEEF
Chicken | Inventory number: CFVP17MN100CHICKE
Oriental | Inventory number: CFVPMN100-ORIENT
Spicy Beef | Inventory number: CFVPMN100-SPCYBEE
Vegetable | Inventory number: CFVPMN100-VEG
Spicy Chicken | Inventory number: CFVP17MN100-SPCCH



Oregon Chai Tea Mix 

8 per box | Inventory number: CFNE924150

Red Rose Orange Pekoe

100 per box | Inventory number: CFNE177299


Bigelow Teas


Cozy Chamomile | Inventory number: CFNE177060

Cinnamon Apple Tea | Inventory number: CFNE113970

Cranberry Apple Tea | Inventory number: CFNE177250

Earl Grey Decaf Tea | Inventory number: CFNE002230

Earl Grey Decaf Tea | Inventory number: CFNE002230

English Breakfast Tea | Inventory number: CFNE177050

Green Tea | Inventory number: CFNE003800

Mint Medley Tea | Inventory number: CFNE177130

Raspberry Royal Tea | Inventory number: CFNE177220

Decaf Green Tea | Inventory number: CFNE105780

Decaf Green Tea | Inventory number: CFNE105780

Earl Grey Tea | Inventory number: CFNE177080

French Vanilla Tea | Inventory number: CFNE103650

I Love Lemon Tea | Inventory number: CFNE177260

Orange Spice Tea | Inventory number: CFNE177190

Bulk Coffee

Beans, Grounds, Pods, everything! Custom blends, private labeling.



2lb | Inventory number: CFFCB2260

Cadillac Dark Roast Beans

2lb | Inventory number: CDRB2

Bull Rider Blend

5lb | Inventory number: BRB5

French Saigon Dark 

Rich aromas and dark chocolate flavours finish with a buttery clean mouthfeel.

2lb | Inventory number: FSVB2

Good Host Gourmet Blend

5lb | Inventory number: CFNE908730

Good Host Premium Blend

5Lb | Inventory number: 


Outlaw Blend Gourmet Coffee Beans

Mild citrus and tobacco aromas complement a syrupy body with white chocolate flavours and a clean finish.

Inventory number: CFFCB2120

Vanilla Nut Gourmet Coffee

5lb | Inventory number: CFFCB2420

Hazelnut Cream

2lb | Inventory number: CFFHC2



McCafe Premium  

6/cs 950gm Tin | Inventory number: 11KR192

Club Coffee Sterling

6/cs 930gm Tin | Inventory number: 11CL297

Coffee Good Host Premium

20/cs 1lb | Inventory number: CFNE831290

Club Coffee Columbian

20/cs 1lb  | Inventory number: CFNE11251200

Good Host Premium Blend

8/cs 2LB | Inventory number: CFNE824150

Bulk Coffee

Sugar / Sweetener

Sugar Shakers

Proudly Canadian

20 oz. | Inventory number: CFNE100010

Redpath Sugar Packets

Proudly Canadian

3.5 g  x 2000 | Inventory number: CFNE175360

Rogers Sugar Cubes

Proudly Canadian

126 cubes per box, 12 bx per case | Inventory number: CFM1005

Sugar Twin

Sugar Twin takes care of your sweet tooth with no sugar, but still has the look, feel, and taste of real sugar.

1000 | Inventory number: CFBRL9717400

Stevia In The Raw

A zero–calorie sweetener, which consists of stevia extract.

1000 | Inventory number: SFNE18MI183

Sugar Equal Bulk Pack

The classic zero calorie sweetener you know and love. Equal Original dissolves quickly, hot or cold, adding sweetness to every sip. You can cut back on the sugar and calories, and still enjoy the great sweet taste you crave.

1g x 2000 | Inventory number: CFNE175500

Splenda Sweetener

The perfect zero calorie sugar substitute, perfect for sweetening coffee, tea, and other beverages.

2000 | Inventory number: SS2000


Individually Wrapped Supplies / Condiment Kits

Available in various formats. For example a simple coffee kit containing Cream + sugar + stir stick.

Or the lunch special containing Fork + Knife + Salt + Pepper + Napkin and so many other combinations.

Contact us with your specific needs to see what kits are available. 



Powder Creamer

CoffeeMate Brand

Packets 1000 per box | Inventory number: CFNE100900

Shakers 311gm | Inventory number: CFNE11001016

Dure Brand

Shakers 340 gm | Inventory number: CFNE11001017

Skim milk powder 500gm | Inventory number: CFISM1

Liquid Creamer

CoffeeMate Brand 180 per box

French Vanilla | Inventory number: CFCFV

Hazelnut | Inventory number: CFCFH

Original | Inventory number: CFCFO

International Delight 288 per box

Irish Cream | Inventory number: CFCIDIC

French Vanilla | Inventory number: CFCIDFV



Bunn Commercial Coffee Filters

For medium-large, 10-12 cup commercial brewers

500/pk 2/cs | Inventory number: CFNE402910

Bunn Coffee Filters C-10

For small office and home sized brewers

500/pk 2/cs | Inventory number: CFNE402920

Filter Paper Roll

for Industrial Grinder/Brewer Coffee/Cappucino Combo Machines

Cafe III and IV | Inventory number: CFCW0000903

Avalon | Inventory number: AFD


Stir Sticks

Plastic 1000/box

6"   | Inventory Number: CFNE372531

4.5" | Inventory Number: CFNE372510

Wooden 1000/box

5.5" | Inventory number: CFNE400180

Individually wrapped  | Inventory number:  CFNE400802

Individually Wrapped Wooden 500/box

7.0" | Inventory Number: CFNE400802



Dixie Paper Cups

Paper hot cups are perfect for samples and espresso drinks. Polylined

construction keeps liquid from soaking through. 1000/cs

8 oz. | Inventory number: CFUP2050104

12 oz. | Inventory number: CFUS12OZCDU

16 oz. | Inventory number: CFUS16OZCD

Paper Cups - Individually Wrapped

1000 per case.

8oz. | Inventory number: CFUS051225

Plastic Cups

1000 per case.

7 oz. | Inventory number: MIUSPPL7C-CLR

9 oz. | Inventory number: MIUSP9TW

10 oz. | Inventory number: MIUS061786

12 oz. | Inventory number: CFCICANSM09

14 oz. | Inventory number: CFUSO61173

Trophy Cups

1000 per case.

6 oz. | Inventory Number: CFUS6XTC

8 oz. | Inventory Number: CFUSXTC

12 oz. | Inventory number: CFUS12XTC

Styrofoam Cups

1000 per case.

6 oz. | Inventory number: CFUSCANF175

8 oz. | Inventory number: CFUSSM8CDN

9 oz. | Inventory number: CFDICANSM09

10 oz. | Inventory number: CFCICANSM09

12 oz. | Inventory number: CFUSSM12CDN

16 oz. | Inventory number: CFUS064188

24 oz. | Inventory number: CFUS064071A

Dixie Paper Cups


Solutions for all sorts of applications. Whether its a handy cup dispenser on the side of a water cooler, or industrial lunch rooms requiring individual cutlery dispeners. We always stock the most popular options. If we don't have what you need, we will make sure we get it for you in a timely manner.

Dixie SmartStock Cutlery Dispenser

Promotes good hygiene as the enclosed design protects cutlery from contaminants. Reduces inventory usage by up to 25%, utensils are dispensed one at a time. Frees up valuable counter space. A clean and simple alternative to open cutlery bins.

Forks- | Inventory Number: DS229052

Knives- | Inventory Number: DS229057

Spoons- | Inventory Number: DS229053

Stainless Steel Cup Dispenser

Adjustable, fits from 6 - 14 oz |Inventory number: MIUS16140

Cone Cup Dispenser

Inventory number: DSAV295-470004



We stock parts and equipment from a variety of manufacturers, including: Bunn, Keurig, Wilber Curtis, Newco, Avalon, Zojirushi and many others. We can also provide service on all other makes and models. Our collection of essential coffee equipment, includes:


Since 1957, Bunn-O-Matic Corporation (BUNN®) has been at the forefront of dispensed beverage equipment manufacturers. Founded upon five generations of family entrepreneurship, BUNN has become a global partner you can count on for reliable beverage equipment and outstanding post-purchase support wherever customers are served. The BUNN core values of honesty, integrity, and courtesy have created a global network of loyal commercial and home customers who are served by the company's brand promise, A Partner You Can Count On™.


Stainless steel vacuum insulated carafe keeps coffee hot without overheating. Unbreakable double wall carafe is dishwasher safe. Convenient close-and-brew lid.

No warmer needed. Brews ten cups of perfect coffee in 3 minutes.

Produces exceptional, cafe quality coffee. Stainless steel tank with internal thermostat keeps water at ideal brewing temperature. Patented sprayhead design improves coffee flavour extraction. Vacation switch turns tank heat off. Decanter holds 50 ounces (10 cups).

Inventory number: EQBU29400.0016

Small Office/Home Machine

BUNN BREWS DIFFERENTLY - The BUNN Speed Brew uses an internal commercial grade stainless steel hot water tank that keeps 70oz of water always hot so you can quickly brew at the flip of a lid.

FASTEST 10-CUP HOME COFFEE MAKER - Our technology allows our coffee maker to brew a full carafe of coffee in 4 minutes, half the time of typical coffee makers.

EXCLUSIVE DRIP-FREE CARAFE delivers the cleanest pour on the market with a proprietary lid and spout design that arcs the coffee into the cup and wicks the rest back into the carafe.

SWITCH ACTIVATED warmer plate keeps your coffee at optimal serving temperature

White | Inventory number: EQBU33300.0049

Black | Inventory number: EQBU38300.0057

Burner Auto Brewer with Faucet

Brews 15 gallons (56.8 litre) of perfect coffee per hour, with multiple warming stations. All stainless steel construction. Includes hot water faucet. Brew into decanters.

Electronic diagnostics and built-in tank drain make service easier. Coffee extraction controlled with programmable pre-infusion or pulse brew. Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods.

2, 3, 4, or 5 Burner.

Inventory Number: EQCFN3BAWF

Airpot Decanter

  • Brew-through pump assembly – no need to remove for brewing

  • Just close the lid after brewing – dispenses up to 4 ounces (.12 litres) at the first pump

  • Glass insulation keeps beverage warm for hours

  • Attractive, chrome finish with black trim

  • Available in 2.2 litre (74 oz.) and 2.5 litre (84 oz.)

Lever | Inventory number: EQBU920482
Push | Inventory number: EQBU920480

Bottled Water Pump Flo-Jet

High-quality FloJet brand pump, enables the use of any plumbed in machine where water lines are unavailable, or water quality is not ideal. Use with bottled water supply for your coffee machine.

Double Airpot Brewer

Brews 15 gallons (56.8 litre) of perfect coffee per hour. Brews directly into 1.9 to 3 litre airpots.

Twin brew head system. Hot water faucet. Convenient airpots keep coffee hot and fresh for hours.

Airpots are easily transported to remote meeting rooms, breakfast bars, etc.

Digital timer enables users to make brew cycle adjustments from the front panel.

Pourover feature on both sides. SplashGard® funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand.

Gourmet funnel model available for use with heavier throw weights of coffee.

Airpots and servers sold separately.

Inventory number: EQCFCWTFTWINAPS

Low Profile Thermal Brewer

Brews 3.9 gallons (14.8 litre) of perfect coffee per hour. Brew into 1.9L thermal carafe utilizing the slide-out booster tray. Adjustable legs to accommodate up to 3.0L* lever action and 2.5L push button BUNN airpots (refer to usage table)

SmartWAVE® technology increases turbulence in the brew funnel. Convenient airpots keep coffee hot and fresh for hours and are easily transported to remote serving areas. Ensures coffee brew quality with cold brew lock out capability. Hot water faucet.

SplashGard® funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand. Energy-saver mode reduces tank temperature during idle periods.

Inventory number: EQCWTF15-TC

Pour Over Airpot Brewer

Brews 15 gallons (56.8 litre) of perfect coffee per hour. Brews directly into 1.9 to 3 litre airpots. Twin brew head system. Hot water faucet.

Convenient airpots keep coffee hot and fresh for hours. Airpots are easily transported to remote meeting rooms, breakfast bars, etc. Digital timer enables users to make brew cycle adjustments from the front panel. Pourover feature on both sides.

SplashGard® funnel deflects hot liquids away from the hand. Gourmet funnel model available for use with heavier throw weights of coffee.

Inventory number: EQCW15-APS

Pour Over Machine

12 Cup Pourover Coffee Brewer. Brews 3.8 gallons (14.4 litre) of perfect coffee per hour.

Internal components are constructed from stainless steel.

Pourover brewer requires no plumbing – completely portable.

Just pour cold water in top and coffee brews immediately. Two separately controlled warmers.

Integral part of any office coffee service program.

1 Burner | Inventory number: EQCFU1BP0

2 Burner | Inventory number: EQCFN2BP0

3 Burner | Inventory number: EQCFN3BP0

Thermal Decanter

2.5L with base | Inventory number: CFBL7750

2.5L without base | Inventory number: CFBL7752

Bunn Relay Coffee Decanter
Bunn Coffee Machine Thermofresh
Burner Auto Brewer with Faucet
Dunn coffee airpot Decanter
stainless steel Decanter
Bottled Water Pump Flo-Jet
Low Profile Thermal Brewer
Pour Over Airport Brewer
Thermal Decanter

Thermal Carafe for T.C. Brewer

Features a brew-through assembly that allows you to brew directly into the carafe from any Bunn thermal carafe brewer. An innovative vacuum insulating system allows the Bunn 1.9 liter deluxe thermal carafe to retain heat up to two times longer than the Bunn economy thermal carafe.

Inventory number: EQ40163.0000

Thermal Decanter Booster

Inventory number: EQ188010.6000

Thermal Pitcher

1.9L | Inventory number: EQBU920478

10 Cup Bunn Coffee Decanter

Inventory number: CFBU202424.6000

Coffee Grinder

Send a strong message that you care about freshness with a BUNN portion control grinder. Your customers know freshly ground beans brew a better cup of coffee. When they see your special beans waiting to be ground, and then smell that delicious fresh ground aroma, you can expect to serve more of your gourmet blend to every coffee lover.

Inventory number: EQBULPG

Vending Equipment

Cappuccino Machines

The FMD-3 Black is a Fresh Mix Dispenser with 3 Hoppers. It offers variable speed motors that maintain the mixing chamber's product consistency. The legs are adjustable and can accommodate 20oz (.59L) mugs in the drip tray. Moreover, it offers complete product mixing with automatic rinsing. Its high-impact resin door is scratch and dent-resistant.

Inventory number: EQCFN3HCM

Slush Machine

The BUNN Ultra-2 HP Manual Fill is a high-quality slush machine that offers flavorful and fun solutions for customers. Some frozen products that can be dispensed by it include frozen teas, frozen lemonades, and frozen juices. The latest design helps the refrigeration system be monitored internally for long-lasting performance. Apart from that, the user interface is easy to navigate and use to ensure minimized downtime and max serving capacity.


Quantum Water Cooler

Quantum Solutions merge state of the art filtration with sleek, modern designed water coolers that will shine in any location. A Quantum system is quite simply the best in water filtration design and function. When it comes to your water, why settle for anything less?

Quantum Filtration Systems are made for those who appreciate simplicity and quality as much as good health. Versatility, upgradeability, in seconds, standing up, without any tools. Quantum Filters remove cyst, lead, asbestos, particulate, chlorine off taste and odour reduction, while retaining essential minerals found naturally in water. Quantum 1000 & 2000 Systems deliver the kind of performance professionals expect.

Quantum Point of Use water cooler conversion kits provide you with unlimited clean, great tasting water right at your fingertips!

  • No more lifting heavy water bottles

  • Never run out of water again

  • All at 1/10th the cost of bottled water

Black | Inventory number: EQDMQCB


We know how much you want your cup of coffee to be the perfect one. Keurig is here to give you a worthy break from daily routine and a refreshing beverage experience. Take a look at our range of premium coffees:


  • Big Easy 24 per box

  • Columbia Dark 24 per box

  • Folger's Black Silk 24 per box

  • French Roast 24 per box

  • Mexico 24 per box

  • Midnight Magic X Bold 24 per box

  • Napoletano 24 per box

  • Parisian Night 24 per box*

  • Rainforest Expresso 24 per box*


  • Decaf Colombian 24 per box

  • Decaf French Vanilla 24 per box

  • Decaf House Blend 24 per box

  • Decaf Swiss Water Fair Trade 24 per box

  • Decaf Vanilla Hazelnut 24 per box


  • Christmas Blend 24 per box* 

  • Pumpkin Spice 24 per box* 

  • Sugar Bush Maple 24 per box*


  • Apple Pie 24 per box

  • Butterscotch 24 per box

  • Cappuccino - Caramel 24 per box

  • Cappuccino - French Vanilla 24 per box

  • Cappuccino - Hazelnut 24 per box

  • Caramel Vanilla Cream 24 per box

  • Chai Latte Indulgent 24 per box

  • Cinnamon Pastry 24 per box

  • Crème Brulee 24 per box

  • Folgers Vanilla Biscotti 24 per box

  • Folgers Caramel Drizzle 24 per box

  • French Vanilla 24 per box

  • French Vanilla Latte Ind 24 per box

  • German Chocolate Cake 24 per box

  • Half Caff 24 per box

  • Hazelnut 24 per box

  • Vanilla Hazelnut 24 per box

  • Spiced Apple Cider 24 per box

  • Island Coconut 24 per box

  • Kahlua 24 per box

  • Toffee (Rep Winter Carnival) 24 per box


  • Amazonia 24 per box

  • Colombian Excelencia 24 per box

  • Columbian Medium 24 per box

  • Folgers Lively Columbian 24 per box

  • Folgers Classic Roast 24 per box

  • House Blend 24 per box

  • Italian Blend 24 per box

  • Nantucket Blend 24 per box

  • Donut Shop 24 per box

  • StarBucks Pike Place 24 per box


  • Breakfast Blend 24 per box

  • Van Houtte Breakfast Blend 24 per box*

  • Costa Rica  24 per box*

  • Original Donut Blend 24 per box


  • Earl Gray Tea 24 per box

  • English Breakfast Tea 24 per box

  • Tetley Chai Tea 24 per box

  • Tetley Green Tea 24 per box

  • Tetley Orange Pekoe Tea 24 per box

  • Tetley Pure Peppermint Tea 24 per box

  • Twinning Green Tea 24 per box

  • Spiced Apple Cider 24 per box

  • Hot Chocolate - Original 24 per box

  • Hot Chocolate - Mint 24 per box


  • McCafe Premium Roast

  • McCafe Espresso Roast

  • McCafe Decaf Prem. Roast

Tim Hortons

  • TH Original Blend

  • TH Dark Roast

  • TH Decaf Blend

  • TH Double Double

* currently unavailable

K- cups

Portion Pack Cases of Coffee

Border Brew Custom Coffee

Custom roasted for Relay Distributing, deep chocolate and caramel aromas with a clean body and spiced cocoa flavours.

42 x 2 oz. | Inventory number: BB2

Good Host 'In-Room' Hotel Style Single Cup Size Pack

100 in a case.

0.7 oz. | Inventory number: CFNE901200

Good Host Premium Columbian

42 in a case.

2.0 oz. | Inventory number: CFNE833700

Good Host Premium Columbian

96 in a case. prem

2.0 oz. | Inventory number: CFNE824030

Club Coffee Craft Roasters

96 in a case.

2.5oz | Inventory number: CFNE11CL12

goodhost portion packs

Gourmet Taster’s Treat

42 in a case.

1.5 oz. | Inventory number: CFHCGTT4215

Heritage Columbian

42 in a case.

1.3 oz. | Inventory number: CFHC100C4213

2.25 oz. | Inventory number: CFHC100C42225

Heritage Decaf

42 in a case.

1.5oz. | Inventory number: CFHCDEC4215

Coffee Pods - New!

Celebrating the spirit of the west; we’ve taken the reins and are proud to introduce our exclusive new line of coffee pods! Available in 3 fine flavours (Average Joe, Black Gold, Texas Tea), our pods are convenient, cost-effective and boast 100% omni degradable packaging, and the pods are completely biodegradable. Ask us today about our pod brewers and coffees!

Average Joe

Flavour, body and aroma, work in perfect unison to create this medium roast. 

150 per case.

10 gms per packet | Inventory number: AJCP

Black Gold

A rich, dark roasted coffee, with a great body and a clean finish.

150 per case.

10 gms per packet | Inventory number: BGCP

BUNN My Cafe AP Auto POD
coffee pods
Portion Pack Coffee
Coffe pads new

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