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Parts and Service in Lloydminster

At Relay Distributing, we believe that good value is much more than just good parts. It’s our people who drive our business, and add the value of top notch service that you deserve. Our fully stocked parts and service department in Lloydminster provides friendly and professional service and our same day delivery service ensures your down time is minimized. We also provide technical support on all our products and equipment. 

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On-Site or In-House Repair

Our mobile service trucks are equipped to ensure your investment keeps producing. Our skilled technicians are available 24/7 to keep you up and running. Bring your equipment to us, or let us come to you. Check out our Courier Map to see if we can save you the travel, and let us haul your equipment for you.


We provide parts, service, and repairs on:

  • Pressure Washers

  • Steamers and Hydrovacs

  • Janitorial Equipment

  • Coffee Machines

  • Commercial Dishwashers

Design and Fabrication

All equipment manufactured at our facility is custom-built, giving close attention to details and using top-notch materials. Some of our most popular custom built options that our customers have loved for years include:

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Fully Stocked!


We stock a complete selection of parts and equipment, including:


The most popular and common pumps in the industry, from small home washers to steamer trucks and everything in between. If we don’t have the exact pump, we will have one in stock that can work in its place, or we can order the original pump at dealer prices.


   High pressure pumps

   High flow pumps

   Air and electric chemical pumps

We stock pumps and parts from Cat, Hotsy, Landa, General/Interpump, Flojet, Shurflo and more!


Repair Kits

We stock parts to repair the most common pumps in the industry. If it’s not in stock, we can get it.


Seals, Valves, Plungers for most common pumps in stock 


Cat Pumps®


General, Interpump, Gamajet, Kodiak and Dynablast.


Karcher, Hotsy®, Landa, and Hawk.


Comet, and Annovi Reverberi®


Easy-Kleen and many more

repair kits

Hose Reels

We carry many different types of industrial hose reels to fit your needs.

Manual, air, electric, and spring style rewinds


Trusted brands : Magikist, General Pump, Hannay Reels.


Sturdy and durable; long lasting in the washbay 


  Click HERE to see the hose reels we stock.

repair kits

Pressure Washer Attachments

We custom build and stock a wide variety of tools to help you wash more productively.

Water booms
Dual lances
Undercarriage washers
High-pressure foamer nozzles
High-pressure extension wands
Flexible wands
Rotating brushes
Floor cleaners
Bottle foamers
Snake lines

Spray Tips and Nozzles

Fine mist chemical tips
Snake tips
Rotary nozzles
Hydrovac nozzles
Steam nozzles
Sewer nozzles
Foam nozzles
De-icing nozzles
spray tips and nozzles

Unloaders and Regulators


Standard and universal unloaders in stock
For High Pressure and/or High Flow applications
unloaders and regulating valves

Steam and Hydrovac Equipment

We provide parts and service to the hydrovac industry for high temperature and high pressure. Relay Distributing custom builds systems to meet the specific requirements and preferences of a wide range of customers in various industries.

Drysteam traps
Relief valves
Dual-rated pressure and steam hoses
Steam hose
Steam wands
Steam nozzles
Foot pedals
steam and hydrovac equipment


We stock valves for all applications.

High-pressure, high-temperature ball valves
Needle valves
Electric and more

Burner Parts

Relay Distributing carries everything needed to keep trucks in the field and wash bays operational.

Ignition controls
Gas valves

Float Valves and Chemical Proportioners

For Low and Hi Pressure Chemical Injection
Float-operated chemical proportioners for soap, wax, and other chemicals
float valves and chemical proportioners

Foamers and Chemical Injectors

We stock cleaning solutions for all applications. Industrial and Residential 

Low and High pressure Chemical Injection
Foam Generators for detergent and other chemicals
Save time, money, and get better results
chemical injectors and foamers

Quick Couplers

Relay Distributing stocks all the most common styles of couplers for all types of wash systems.

High Pressure Swivels and Couplers
Steam Rated Couplers
Couplers for Consumer Pressure Washers
quick couplers

Filters, Strainers, and Separators

From 1/4" to 2"
For Water and Air
Gas and Diesel
High Pressure and Low Pressure
filters, strainers, and separators

Flow/Pressure Switches and Thermostats

These switches are wired to control burners, motors, timers, and meters. Sensing flow, pressure, or temperature to ensure safe operation. Used in auto start/stop systems.

Hi/Lo Pressure and Hi/Lo Flow Applications
1/4" to 1"
Brass and Stainless
Flow and Pressure Switches

Gauges and Meters

We stock a complete selection for most pressure washing applications.

Pressure and temperature gauges
Hour meters
Minute meters
gauges and meters

Coin Operated Wash Bays

We stock everything to build a coin-operated system from the ground up. Programmable timers for high-pressure wash systems.

Coin acceptors
Rotary switches
Weep guns
Engine presoak
Spot-free rinse
Foam brushes
Time controls

Hose Festooning

Relay Distributing constructs custom-built festooning systems for wash bays.
These systems utilize custom roller assemblies on galvanized cable for easy gliding of a hose suspension system strung the length of a wash bay.
This system guarantees that your hose is kept off the floor to prevent damage and wear.



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Relay Distributing provides a wide range of parts and services that enhance our customer’s productivity and efficiency.

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