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High Quality, High-Pressure, and Canadian Wash Systems in Lloydminster

At Relay Distributing, we understand the demands and challenges of keeping your commercial space clean. We are conveniently located in Lloydminster to provide high-pressure washers that are ideal for tough and powerful cleaning. From cleaning car parks to patios, our equipment can keep your premises clean. If you are not sure what kind of pressure washer suits your need, feel free to discuss your requirement with us, and we will recommend a suitable option.

Portable Equipment

Our line of Canadian made Dynablast or Kodiak pressure washers range from 1000 to 3500 PSI, which are available in gas engines or electric motors. We are also authorized dealers, so you can source your washer from us knowing that we provide a warranty service and carry a full stock of parts.


Custom Built Stationary Equipment

Our line of custom built stationary equipment come with the following features:

Frame Assembly

  • Includes heavy gauge aluminum

  • No rust to steel and no paint to peel

  • Custom built 

Stainless Steel Tank Assembly

  • Equipped with a high quality float valve

  • Hydrominder proportioners for fail-safe diluting of products

  • Stainless steel suction screens and water shut off valves

Triplex Plunger Pump

  • A high-temperature relief valve to limit damage due to overheating

  • The “quick oil change” assembly to make oil changes effectively

  • Top quality unloader valve, check valve and forged brass fittings

Weather Proof Control Panel

  • Constructed of fibre glass

  • Low-voltage transformer, indicator light and disconnect switch

  • An hour meter to monitor pump run time for easy scheduling of maintenance

Coil type Water Heater Complete with:

  • Stainless steel outer jacket

  • Electronic Pilot Ignition and safety controls.

  • Draft diverter

Weatherproof Remote Control Station

  • Ensures safe, 24-volt control of soap, rinse and heat

  • Include cable and terminations

Electronic Spark Ignition

This virtually guarantees proper lighting of the heater burner assembly and ensures no pilot outage nuisances can occur.


Time Delay Shutdown


The wash system will automatically shut down after a pre-set length of time if not being used.

Additional Options

Because our high-pressure washers are powerful equipment, we ensure that they are fully equipped to perform to their optimal capacity. Here are some additional features:

Chimney Dampener (recommended)

Unit automatically closes after the wash system is shut down. This eliminates potential downdrafts and reduces the risk of freezing the heater coil.

Venting Power Assist

Automatically runs when heater is in use to “power” vent the burner. This unit is used when venting through the wall is preferred rather than through the ceiling.

Mechanical Twist Timers

Ensures wash system shuts down after use. (30 or 60 minute) Also enables bypassing of coin boxes in a commercial wash.

High-pressure Soap, Foam and Wax

Consists of stainless steel blending tank and Hydro minder chemical proportioner to fail safe diluting. User friendly, compact and affordable foamers for mobile equipment as well.

Pulsation Dampener

Reduces operator fatigue

Hose Festooning

This unique suspension system means your hose is kept off the floor where most wear and damage occurs.


Preventative maintenance is scheduled to meet your needs to minimize costly downtime.

Overhead 360 Degree Boom

 Stainless Steel High-pressure Hose Reel

Complete Line of Products at Your Need

At Relay Distributing, we stock everything from janitorial and cleaning products to coffee room supplies. Get in touch with us for quality-tested products.

Free Daily Delivery

No Minimum Order & No Restocking Fees

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