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Shop and Janitorial Supplies in Lloydminster

At Relay Distributing, we carry a complete selection of janitorial supplies from paper products and garbage bags to cleaning tools and equipment. You can "Rely on Relay!" to bring you the best value for your dollar.

Paper Products and Sanitary Supply

Household Bathroom Tissue

Purex Toilet Tissue 2-Ply

Supreme quality, quilted embossed 2-ply tissue specially engineered for those businesses that want to offer their customers and employees supreme consumer quality in an away from home format. The individually plastic wrapped rolls are:

  • Hygienic

  • Made from Recycled material

  • Reduce risk of moisture damage

Overwrap is perforated for quick and easy access to roll. Ply bonding manufacturing process reduces the risk of ply separation. Tail tie makes it easy to start rolls. 4.2″ wide rolls fit most dispensers.

60 rolls x 506 sheets | Inventory number: TTGH05705

Purex Toilet Tissue

Cascades Toilet Tissue 2-Ply

This 2-ply toilet paper is soft and gentle on the skin. Made from 100% recycled fibre and packaged in standard individual rolls, it's an affordable choice for industrial, educational, foodservice and retail locations.

  • Individually wrapped; hygienic

  • Made from 100% Recycled material

  • Safe for plumbing and sceptic systems

48 rolls x 420 sheets | Inventory number: TTGH403302

Purex Toilet Tissue

Georgia Pacific Coreless Toilet Tissue 2-Ply

  • Individually wrapped; hygienic

  • Coreless compact rolls; less waste, more value

  • Safe for plumbing and sceptic systems

36 rolls x 1000 sheets | Inventory number: TTUS102323

Purex Toilet Tissue

Pacific Blue Toilet Tissue 1-Ply

  • Individually wrapped

  • Affordable choice for high traffic areas

  • Safe for plumbing and sceptic systems

48 rolls x 1500 sheets | Inventory number: TTUS102381

Purex Toilet Tissue

Scott 2-Ply Coreless Toilet Tissue

  • Coreless rolls for more feet per roll.

  • Designed for use in dispensers or free sitting.

  • Safe for all septic systems

36 rolls x 1000'

Inventory number: TTUS102624

Jumbo Toilet Tissue 1-ply Dispenser Rolls 

Jumbo 1-ply rolls designed to be used with one of the many dispensers we offer. Ideal for industrial and commercial use. 

40 rolls x 1000 sheets

Inventory number: TTUS102166

Envirologic Brand - Made in Canada! 

This brand of paper is economical and practical. This complete line of products is the perfect combination of quality and value.

Made from 100% recycled fiber.

2 Ply 12 rolls x 1000' per roll

3.25" Core, 3" Wide, 8.25" Deep

Inventory number: TTGH403611

2 Ply 6 rolls x 1400' per roll 

2" Core, 10" Wide, 3" Deep
Inventory number: TTGH403625

Facial Tissue / Kleenex

Pur Brand

Made from 100% recycled paper. Rectangular box containing 100 sheets per box, 30 boxes per case

Inventory number: TOUS102543

pur facial tissue

White Swan Brand

This is a classic quality 2-ply facial tissue. A signal feature highlights when the last 10 tissues remain. Signal feature reduces maintenance requirements and risk of run outs. Packaging design matches with Embassy, Purex and White Swan bathroom tissues to provide a coordinated look. Flat pack carton dimensions fit into recessed wall or in-counter dispensers.

Inventory number: TOUSSCO08300

white swan facial tissue
Shop Rags and Supplies

Mixed Fleecy Rags 20lb

These rags are made from 100% recycled clothing, cleaned and cut into rag sized cloths. With a variety of fabric types, they offer a versatile selection for whatever cleaning job they're used for. Can be washed and reused.

Inventory number: TORB24020

Like Rags - blue towel

Shop Towels 10lb

  • Pre Washed/Pre Shrunk

  • 18" x 18"

  • 100 per box

Inventory number: TORB27020


Hand Towel

Brown Roll Towels

For the earth-conscious, these brown roll towels are made from recycled paper and have superior strength and drying performance that discourages the use of several towels. These are made from 100% recycled fiber and 40% post-consumer waste.

6x800′ | Inventory number: TOGH405506

Brown roll towels

Centerpull Towel 1 Ply SofPull®

The SofPull® center pull paper towels are comparable to leading paper towels and Scott paper towels in that they are soft and very absorbent. This makes these towels a wonderful choice to have on hand in classrooms, daycare centers, medical offices, laboratories, and anywhere else that you value the availability of paper towels with softness and absorbency.

Inventory number: TOUS101106

Brown roll towelsCenter pull towel - 1 ply

Multi fold Brown Towels

For the earth-conscious, these folded towels are made from recycled paper and have superior strength and drying performance that discourages the use of several towels. These are made from 100% recycled fiber and 40% post-consumer waste.
16×250 | Inventory number: TOGH405319

Multi fold towel - brown

Towel Multifold White

These are ideal for areas where space is a problem such as small washrooms and office kitchens. Encore multifold white hands towels are made from 100% recycled fibres and are embossed for greater absorbency. The Wood Wyant P-8 dispenser is recommended.
Packed 16 x 250 sheets | Inventory number: TOGH402302

Multifold towel - white

White Singlefold Towel

16 x 250′ | Inventory number: TOGH402301 

Tork Brand Towel Centerpull Mini 2 Ply 12-12-25 

This junior, compact size 2-ply center pull paper towel is designed to fit “mini” center pull paper towel dispensers.

Center pull towels are a cost-effective and sanitary alternative to electric hands-free dispensers since you only touch the towel you’re using.

This 2-ply junior center pull paper towel features an embossed and perforated design with a collapsible core.

12 x 265′ | Inventory number: TODRCP2642E

Center pull 2 ply towels - blue

Towels Centerpull 2 Ply Blue

Extra absorbent blue center pull towels.
6 x 600′ | Inventory number: TODR600-2

Center pull 2 ply towels - blue

Worx Industrial Hand Cleaner Dispenser

WORXTM wall mounted dispensers are easy-to-use and are ideal for a small shop or a large industrial washing area.

Inventory number: DSWX11-999-01

Worx hand cleaner dispenserWRX11-9995

Frost Disposal White or Stainless Dispenser

Wall mount dispenser for bathroom personal hygiene products.

White      | Inventory number: DSGH903177

Stainless | Inventory number: DSGH903178

autoflow dispenser

Toilet Seat Cover Dispenser

The half fold seat cover dispenser holds 2 packages of 250 seat covers. This is our most popular seat cover system and made in ABS molded plastic.

Wood Wyant Inc. | Inventory number: MIUS161748

autoflow dispenser
Towel Dispensers

The auto flow electronic touchless dispenser is a revolution in high-traffic washroom management. The dependable “touchless” towel dispensing of controlled portions cost effectively time after time. The auto flow towel dispenser dispenses towel lengths of 8″, 10″ or 12″.It allows rapid delivery of towels avoiding waiting and line-ups. This dispenser is suited for high-traffic washrooms.

Inventory number: DSUS161036

autoflow dispenser

Auto Flow Towel Dispenser – Battery Operated

Centerpull Towel Dispenser

Centerpull towel system for facilities that demand exceptional value without sacrificing style.

Regular | Inventory number: DSWE335-0141

Mini | Inventory number: DSCRMINI

Centerpull Towel Dispenser

Manual No-Touch Towel Dispenser

One solution to preventing the spread of contaminants is the use of no touch hand towel dispensers. By eliminating the need to touch the dispenser, you eliminate a potential risk of contaminating clean hands.

 Inventory number: DSGH903290

 Frost Brand Single Fold Paper Towel Dispenser

For commercial establishments looking to provide an economical and flexible dispenser for paper products in employee and patron washrooms, this dispenser is an excellent choice. With t