Auto Toilet Tank Flusher

Installs simply to the tank plumbing mechanism. Flexible installation fits most tank designs. Uses same reliable motor and cam gear technology used in our existing AutoFlush®. The tank handle remains operable for courtesy flushing. | Inventory Number: HTFM353701 |

Automatic Sink Faucet

Insight technology features an adaptive infrared sensor that gathers and analyzes the surrounding area upon installation. After recording these details, Insight calibrates the sensor to filter false triggers and optimize the faucet’s operation. | Inventory Number: HTFM383801 |

Iodine Test Kit

Quick and Easy-to-Run with No Setup Time Completely Portable for Field Use. Minimum Technical Know-How Required Since No Sample Mixing or Reagent Mixing is Require. 0 – 50 PPM | Inventory Number: ITK |