Aluminum Brightener A-50

A concentrated and exceptionally effective liquid acid blend used for the brightening of aluminum trailer surfaces. 20L – | Inventory Number: ICPGEB20 | [button link=”” color=”red”] MSDS[/button]

Bio-Parts Cleaner

VARSOL REPLACEMENT For degreasing of metal parts by spray or soak. Can be diluted 6:1 with water and is 100% biodegradable. Useful for tar, cosmoline and adhesives. Non flammable and non ozone depleting. 20L – | Inventory Number: ICPGBCL5000 |


BIOTRAP is a very concentrated mixture, that contains natural biological destroyers, specially made for drainpipes and grease traps treatment. This formula contains beneficial bacterias that digest efficiently and continually oils, grease and other organic residues that reduces considerably grease accumulation … Continued

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