Coffee Pods

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Celebrating the spirit of the west, we’ve taken the reins and are proud to introduce our exclusive new line of coffee pods! Available in 3 fine flavours (Black Gold, Average Joe, Texas Tea), our pods are convenient, cost-effective and boast … Continued

Super Natural Degreaser

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Super Natural Degreaser is 100% readily biodegradable solvent that contains emulsifiers for the removal of grease, tar and bitumen. Non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-combustible, with a very high flash point of over 94 degrees C and contains very low vapor and odor. … Continued

Chai Delight Tea

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Delight your senses with Lipton® Chai Delight, a unique fusion of tea and exotic spices like cinnamon and ginger. Add milk for a creamy latte experience.

Enlighten Green Tea

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Lipton® Enlighten Smooth Green Tea is smooth and delicate, with subtle hints of tangy lemon and refreshing peppermint. Indulge your senses and enjoy a cup of this delicious green tea every day.

Caramel Apple Pie

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Fall means comfort food and homemade desserts. At Van Houtte®, it also means a new tempting flavored coffee, reminiscent of warm apple pie, covered with rich and creamy caramel… totally decadent!

Sugar Bush Maple

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…the sap starts to run, kettles boil and liquid amber maple syrup is born. It’s the moment that Spring arrives in the sugar bush. It’s the moment when Timothy’s® Sugar Bush Maple is born.

House Blend

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Following our founder’s original recipe, this coffee offers a fleeting acidity and a mellow, slightly aromatic flavour with a delightful body and a nice finish. Inventory Number :  HBKC |


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This well-balanced blend of African coffees, renowned for their fruity and slightly spicy flavours, unveils a generous citrus taste and a sparkling acidity. An audacious and delightful coffee! 24 per box – | Inventory Number :  AFTKC |

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