Super Natural Degreaser

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Super Natural Degreaser is 100% readily biodegradable solvent that contains emulsifiers for the removal of grease, tar and bitumen. Non-corrosive, non-flammable and non-combustible, with a very high flash point of over 94 degrees C and contains very low vapor and odor.

Super Natural Degreaser is semi-viscous, so it will not run off a vertical surface and will not dry as fast as other solvents. This increased viscosity means that the solvent remains on the targeted surface for longer, so you lose less product and use less product.

Also contains wetting agents for penetration and rinsability, along with the ability to remove invert drilling mud from coveralls. Super Natural Degreaser is a straight solvent and does not require diluting.

20L-| Inventory Number: DEOCSN20|

205L-|Inventory Number: DEOCSN205|

1000L-|Inventory Number: DEOCSN1000|