Quantum Water Cooler

Quantum Solutions merge state of the art filtration with sleek, modern designed water coolers that will shine in any location.  A Quantum system is quite simply the best in water filtration design and function.  When it comes to your water, why settle for anything less?

Quantum Filtration Systems are made for those who appreciate simplicity and quality as much as good health.  Versatility, upgradeability, in seconds, standing up, without any tools. Quantum Filters remove cyst, lead, asbestos, particulate, chlorine off taste and odor reduction, while retaining essential minerals found naturally in water. Quantum 1000 & 2000 Systems deliver the kind of performance professionals expect

Quantum Point of Use water cooler conversion kits provide you with unlimited clean, great tasting water right at your finger tips!

  • No more lifting heavy water bottles
  • Never run out of water again
  • All at 1/10th the cost of bottled water

Black – | Inventory Number: EQDMQCB |