Pressure Washers / Steamers

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  • Frame Assembly fabricated of heavy gauge aluminum, No paint to peel and no steel to rust with. Custom built for your specifications
  • Stainless Steel Tank Assembly
    • Equipped with a high quality float valve
    • Hydrominder proportioners for fail-safe diluting of products
    • Stainless steel suction screens and water shut off valves
  • Triplex Plunger Pump
    • A high temperature relief valve to limit damage due to overheating
    • The “quick oil change” assembly to make oil changes neat and fast
    • Top quality unloader valve, check valve and forged brass fittings
  • Weather Proof Control Panel
    • Constructed of fibre glass
    • Low-voltage transformer, indicator light and disconnect switch
    • An hour meter to monitor pump run time for easy scheduling of maintenance
  • Coil type Water Heater Complete with:
    • Stainless steel outer jacket.
    • Electronic Pilot Ignition and safety controls.
    • Draft diverter.
  • Weatherproof Remote Control Station For safe, 24-volt control of soap, rinse and heat. Cable and terminations are also included.
  • Electronic Spark Ignition This virtually guarantees proper lighting of the heater burner assembly and ensures no pilot outage nuisances can occur.
  • Time Delay Shutdown The wash system will automatically shut down after a pre-set length of time if not being used.



  • Chimney Dampener (recommended) Unit automatically closes after the wash system is shut down. This eliminates potential downdrafts and reduces the risk of freezing the heater coil.
  • Venting Power Assist Automatically runs when heater is in use to “power” vent the burner. Unit is used when venting through the wall is preferred rather than through the ceiling.
  • Mechanical Twist Timers Ensures wash system shuts down after use. (30 or 60 minute) Also enables bypassing of coin boxes in a commercial wash.
  • Overhead 360 Degree Boom
  • High Pressure Soap, Foam and Wax Consists of stainless steel blending tank and Hydro minder chemical proportioner for fail safe diluting of wax
  • Pulsation Dampener Reduces operator fatigue
  • Hose Festooning This unique suspension system means your hose is kept off the floor where most wear and damage occurs
  • Stainless Steel High Pressure Hose Reel
  • Maintenance Preventative maintenance scheduled to meet your needs to minimize costly downtime.