Our mission is to provide you, our customer,

with the utmost value for your dollar,

through personalized products and service.

At a minimum, you will be given the same level of service,

quality and consideration we expect from others

When we are their customer.



Relay Distributing has been in operation since August of 1989. Since the onset of business our focus has been to offer our clients products and services previously unavailable from a local source. Through the course of 25 years we have evolved with the needs of the community providing innovative, customer driven solutions to the growing industry.

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1989: Relay Distributing began providing janitorial products to the Lloydminster area

1992: Introduction of innovative industrial cleaning products and equipment

1995:Our service department came on line offering the parts, repair and technical support

1996: We started fabrication and installation of our custom-built pressure washer/steamer units to meet the unique requirements of our customers

1997: Introduction of our own daily Delivery Service to reach out into the Midwest and Lakeland region. It began as a means to get our products to market and offer our customers a service second to none. Having a courier service also enables us to provide free delivery of all relay supplied goods with no minimum order as well a direct link to other sources of supply throughout the Midwest and Lakeland regions.

1998:Introduction of our office/workplace coffee service. Carrying coffees from two custom roasters and Canadian manufactured equipment.

2006: Relay moved to its present location. The increased warehouse and shop size was a welcome adjustment for the growing parts and service department.

2008: Relay brought innovation to crude oil removal in the local industry with the introduction of Environmentally friendly degreasers. After long hours of testing, working with our manufacturers and countless field tests we were able to bring AquaSolve to market. A revolutionary, environmentally conscious product that excelled in its ability to break down crude oil.

2014: We are celebrating our 25th year in business in Lloydminster and the surrounding area

2015: We are proud to reveal a new addition to our parts and service department! We recently completed a 5300 sq. foot expansion to our building and now boast 6 bays.

We pride ourselves on providing personal service, direct accountability and availability. Being a small locally owned company has allowed us to build long term relationships with the community, continually be innovative in meeting our customer’s needs and stay focused on what is really important – caring for our customers.